A story behind a frame

It was only after this photo won the “2012 World Press Photo award” that Samuel Aranda, the photographer, went back to Yemen to know the story behind the frame: the story of Fatima who almost lost her 18 years old son Zayed to the chaos that was taking place in Yemen last year.

Samuel was doing his job, his eyes were catching all the interesting events around him while his lens simply projected what he saw in a frame. It took him an award to notice Fatima “the human being”!!

Only then he went back to Yemen and talked to Fatima and Zayed to learn what happened that day. When news spread about protesters being killed, Fatima was really worried about her son. She went looking in the streets to find him in the mosque, which was turned to a hospital that day. Wounded by the fall caused by tear gas, Zayed later survived a three days coma. The photo was taken just at the moment she found him alive.

Hope we reach a place in which we open our eyes always to the stories lying behind the frames capturing our world.